Food Inc.

Yesterday I rewatched the documentary Food Inc., a movie which never fails to remind me to keep checking my food labels, and in general question where my food comes from. I was going to write a synopsis of the movie but I found a really excellent compilation of highlights from it:

Overview of Food Inc.

Documentaries and books enlightening us on where our food comes from and how big food companies control market prices are a great resource and I’m glad they exist. But I recall a couple they interviewed in Food Inc. that often fed their kids fast food and junk food knowing it wasn’t good for them. They felt they had no other choices for feeding their family because vegetables and fruits from the supermarket were too expensive, whereas chips, sodas, and hamburgers were an affordable way to at least make their kids feel full at night.

I was struck by a scene of the family at the supermarket. The youngest child’s eyes lit up at the sight of a discount on pears, only for her to be let down by her older sister who had to tell her that they still wouldn’t be able to afford them.

At the end of this documentary, they say everyone gets three votes a day on the kinds of food we all want to be sold to us, but my first thought was, Not everyone is even sure if they can put three meals a day on the table for their family.

It’s great to be informed about where our food comes from. It’s great to try to eat healthy, but next time you sit down to eat, please remember all the families that can’t afford to buy healthy food and those who don’t even have close access to stores that sell healthy food if they could afford it in the first place.

Food Inc.’s message about getting to vote about which foods are sold to us every time we go to the store is still a great one. For those of you who can afford to, try to buy more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods. If middle to upper class Americans start demanding healthier food, prices for these foods will go down and maybe someday buying quality food for one’s family won’t be just a luxury.


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