Makeup and Why I Don’t Usually Wear it

 I remember back to all the times when I was little that the family would be ready to go out and Mom would suddenly remember that she forgot to put on her concealer. I never understood because I swear she literally looked the same with or without it. (Her skin is already pretty perfect, a trait I was lucky enough to inherit from her.) But just the same I could see the apparent anxiety in her eyes from even the thought of leaving the house and having people see just her bare face. Eventually though we were able to convince her that there was really no visible difference in her appearance either way and she hasn’t touched concealer since.
Watching my mom learn that she didn’t need her one and only makeup product instilled a pretty deep message inside of me that I didn’t need makeup either. I bought some basic makeup from a company called Physician’s Formula a few years into high school because there are times when it’s fun to experiment with all the different colors of makeup, like Prom and other special events. I don’t think I look bad with make-up but I still don’t feel like I look prettier with it than without it.
I know that a lot of girls feel that they aren’t pretty without makeup though and that kind of makes me sad. If you’re a girl who feels that they need makeup and you want to become makeup free, consider letting go of makeup slowly. Maybe try not wearing mascara for one week and then the next week maybe eyeliner and so forth until finally you get used to how your face looks without it. I feel like contrary to what a lot of girls think, they’ll still be just as beautiful makeup free. They’ve just gotten used to seeing themselves with it on and used to seeing a lot of their friends wearing it.
It’s not that I think wearing makeup is something horrible. I like to experiment with makeup just as much as the next girl, but wearing it every day can really take a toll on your pores and can create acne or make acne worse. Also, think of all the chemicals your body is absorbing through your skin and processing all the time when you wear makeup daily. Wearing makeup every day also sucks up a lot of time in the morning. Makeup shouldn’t have to be some sort of crutch we use to feel acceptable to show our faces in public. It should be sort of like occasional jewelry for your face. Trust me, your skin will thank you a million times over if you give it more time to breath.
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