New Painting

I’ve been going to painting classes the last two Saturdays with a local artist that I used to go to before I left for college. He’s a really talented portrait artist and he’s taught me pretty much everything I know about painting. He also is full of lots of funny stories about his exciting artist life that he tells during classes.

Here’s the painting I came out with of my great aunt’s house after two classes:

I love working with Arthur. There are just a lot of times when I’m making a painting and I come to a point where I don’t know how exactly I want to depict something and then I get really flustered and just make lots of bad moves really quickly. But if I’m in a class with Arthur I can just be like, “Arthur, what should I do now?” and he can save me from making the wrong next move or he can see things that need fixed that I wouldn’t be able to see myself.
So my advice to any artists hoping to save themselves from their own wrong turns is to find your own Arthur and then, when you’re on your own, ask, “What Would Arthur Do?”. Or Jim, or Steve. Anyway just don’t hesitate to try to learn from some people who have been doing it longer. I guess this advice can apply to more than just painting. If you think someone knows how to do something better than you and they’re in a position to help you, ask for it.
My own dream with my art is to someday get lots of experience and be someone else’s Arthur, except I’ll be someone’s Adri. Guess I’ll have to keep painting then 😉
❤ Color Me Adri



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