Second Day at Lebensgarten Dreisamtal

Here are some photos of the area around the Lebensgarten. It’s a beautiful walk to and from work:

IMG_0092   IMG_0100

Today we raked stones out of empty plots. It’s difficult because some dry pieces of earth are secretly pretending to be rocks. I was very concerned with getting out all the rocks, which I later regretted once we started shoveling them all onto the tractor. Daria mentions to me that raking the rocks reminds her of the work of zen monks.

The weight of my body did not seem to support the weight of large stones being flung into the air. Occasionally I was told good job when throwing a particularly large group of rocks. It reminded me of playing tennis, that is to say, if a tennis racket weighed approximately 10 pounds and the game was played alongside a small tractor. Trotzdem, hab’ ich es geschafft. 

Next we de-weeded the salad plants with tiny tools as Daria and I discussed the difference between the metric and English systems of measurement and the drinking age differences between Germany and America. She told me that de-weeding the salad feels pointless because the weeds are so small and they grow back so fast. It reminded her of a Greek myth of a God whose job was to haul heavy things up a mountain which he must do for all eternity.

I find it to be comforting how elements of something so different can remind me of things I already know how to do. For example, shoveling reminds me of swinging a tennis racket and bending down to pick up weeds reminds me of my job cleaning machines at the Rice Rec Center.

At the end of the day we put away our tools and cleaned up a bit. I walked home sore but accomplished. Today my friend Paige Wallace flies into town and I’m more than excited to pick her up at Hauptbahnhof.


Church near Freiburg Hauptbahnhof


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