April 28, 2015 Lebensgarten Dreisamtal

IMG_0399 IMG_0400

Today I started out picking out weeds from a field we literally just de-weeded last Tuesday. It felt strangely rewarding, because there were admittedly a lot less than last week. The ground was soft and crumbly from the rain earlier that morning and roots slipped out easily as did tiny rocks that keep magically appearing out of nowhere. While I was working I suddenly realized I didn’t know the capital of Alabama anymore, which bothered me the entire time. I looked it up when I got home. It’s Montgomery in case anyone is wondering.

Lately people who live around Kirchzarten have been coming in to help with the gardening, which I find so inspiring, a community coming together to help out a local farm. One woman is a dancer and I think she has the best sense of humor. She apparently loves fennel, which we were planting together today. She choreographs dance and said that she has a great spatial sense. She didn’t even really need a ruler to know how far 35 centimeters was – the distance we were supposed to leave between the fennel plants. She talked to the plants, saying that they’d grow big and strong some day and asked one fennel plant “where it thought it was going”, that it had to get back in line, like a dancer, between fennel A and fennel B.

(Keep in mind all of this was said in German and I’m incredibly proud to even be at a point where I can understand most things people tell me).

I love when we take breaks, not only because kneeling on the ground all day is tiring, but because we have tea and cookies and talk. Today the other gardeners were shocked to learn that in order to drive comfortably from one end of America to the other it would take approximately 5 days.

The Lebensgarten is considering buying a small greenhouse, which sounds very useful. In other news the rhubarb plants are growing big and strong. I feel myself growing stronger as well!

IMG_0401 IMG_0402


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