Rainy Weekend: Freiburg Dances into May

Thursday I worked again at the garden. My body is sore every day and there’s still dirt in my fingernails I can’t get out, but I know I’m doing work that I care about so that’s all that matters. Additionally, all the physical labor is making me be more careful about what I eat to fuel my body and about getting plenty of sleep. I can already feel myself gaining more muscular strength. Perhaps all I need are a few more greens and some epsom salts and I’ll be feeling better than ever.

Yesterday was May 1st, a holiday in Germany. Many people go out to drink the night before to welcome in the spring time and “dance into May”. I was hanging out at Amanda’s playing about the most complicated board game I’ve ever played in my life when a few more of her roommates walked in just having come back from a party from the night before, which was confusing considering at this point it was almost sunset. When Amanda and I realized all she had at home to eat was noodles we went downtown in hopes something would be open for dinner.

We ate döners in Yufka wraps in the rain amongst tourists and very hungover people. I had gotten the feeling that it was national German hangover day and I didn’t get the memo.

It’s been raining all weekend and it makes the black forest look magical like an image from a children’s fairy tale. Also this weekend was another FC Freiburg home game. The stadium is one train stop from my WG which means theres an 150% chance that any given time that I decide to go grocery shopping on a Saturday I end up coming back to a Straßenbahn packed like a sardine tin with people decked out in red and black.

I had been debating in my head earlier this week between going to Stuttgart on Saturday or staying home, resting and studying for midterms. I think I needed the rest after all and I love watching SC Freiburg fans on their way to a home game. I think I’m satisfied with my decision.





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