Great Reads: The Sleep Revolution by Ariana Huffington

A few days ago I checked out Ariana Huffington’s The Sleep Revolution from the Kanawha County Public Library. I saw her promote the book on a talk show interview with Trevor Noah and I’m really glad I picked it out. I knew sleep was important, but I learned so much, because she executed such a diverse collection of chapters on different topics relating to sleep. As she proudly claims in her interviews, “I’d take it as a personal victory if you fell asleep reading my book.”

Some topics she tackles in her book are the culture of dismissing sleep as a status symbol (in other words, wearing sleeplessness as a badge of honor), the sometimes irreversible health issues that arise from not sleeping, lack of sleep in college, sleep’s effects on our decision-making, the significance of our dreams and our subconscious thoughts, the development of sleep monitoring technologies and sleep centers, and many more enlightening topics.

Also, a key takeaway message she shares is the importance of winding down before bed and keeping electronic screens powered off about 30 minutes before sleep. This is something I usually aim for anyway, but I think I’ll try working on calming down my thoughts before bedtime to truly maximize the great power of sleep.

Though there was one night when reading her book gave me “performance anxiety” and kept me up a little longer than expected, on a whole reading this book at night has helped me to wind down the day and experience restful sleep. I would recommend reading it, (or for the busy bees out there, skimming it or choosing chapters out of it you find useful).

❤ Color Me Adri


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