Dreaming of Leica and other Musings (High end Mirrorless Camera Comparisons)

I’ve been slightly obsessed lately with looking up high end mirrorless cameras and seeing where the strengths and weaknesses lie. There are four cameras that my mind keeps wandering back to. I notice some similarities in my choices.

What I notice about all my choices is that they are all waterproof. I don’t typically take a lot of photos in the rain or by the water, but in my imagination I dream of traveling to Iceland or back to Scandinavia again where it rains pretty much daily. One of my regrets about my stay in Denmark last year was that I ended up taking so few photos because I didn’t have a weather-sealed camera or phone.

I’d really like to have a camera that has lots of dials for manual controls, so that I can have better control over the settings on my camera instead of relying on editing to fix things I didn’t get quite right using Auto settings.

Here below I will show a photo of each camera, a sample image, list a few camera specs that stand out to me and point out some interesting features of each model. I won’t list a whole bunch of numbers or information about video because you can find that info at a review site from more experienced technical reviewers. Again, I’d like to point out that for me at the moment all of these cameras are out of my price range. I do think it’s good though to sometimes look at models beyond what you can afford to see what features you are interested in. Enjoy!

Leica SL

Stock Photo

Stuartrichardson.com (Scogar-cows.jpeg )

Selling price body: $7,450

Resolution: 24MP – Full frame CMOS Sensor


ISO: ISO 50 – 50000

Pros: Vivid colors, easy control menu , weather sealing

Cons: No image stabilization, low battery life, video quality is supposedly not so good for such an expensive camera

Olympus Em1 mark II

Stock Photo

http://www.olympus-imagespace.co.uk/landscape-photography/ (This image was actually shot with the Em5 mark ii. The new EM1 is very very new and therefore there aren’t a lot of images to chose from to display here.)

Selling price body: Around $2000

Resolution: 20MP – Four Thirds CMOS Sensor


ISO: ISO 64 – 25600

Pros: Top of the line continuous burst shots (great for action and wildlife photography), 5-axis stabilization, weather sealing, micro 4/3 system allows for smaller zoom lenses


Cons: Low battery life

Fujifilm Xpro2

Stock Photo


@Gianluca Cola

Selling price body: $1,549

Resolution: 24MP – APS-C CMOS Sensor


ISO: ISO 100 – 51200


Pros: Great labeling on the shutter speed and exposure dials, night time shooting, presets that mimic film, weather sealing

Cons: No image stabilization, low battery life, some people have said the dials are difficult to turn

Sony A7S


@Ian Norman

Selling price body: $2,198

Resolution: 12MP – Full frame CMOS Sensor


ISO: ISO 100 – 409600


Pros: Incredible ISO performance, weather sealing

Cons: No image stabilization (which is actually a pro for astrophotography), low battery life, low resolution (again can be a pro for nighttime photography depending on how you look at it), supposedly Sony doesn’t carry a huge variety of lenses but I feel like there’s sufficient selection

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Thanks for reading 🙂


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