Mission Declutter: Why Ebay is your new best friend

Hello Friends,

It’s been a while since I’ve discussed the topic of minimalism, since I haven’t spent time focusing on simplifying my life in regards to my material possessions. Over Thanksgiving break I updated camera bodies and used Ebay to sell my old Olympus camera body. When I remembered how easy it is to sell items online, I decided to list a few old video games I had lying around the house. Apparently people very much like Mario, because those old Nintendo 64 games I would list left the market sometimes within only minutes of listing. The success I had with these items encouraged me to list more items and now I find myself selling a few items every week.

Why am I bringing up selling items online? Well simply because one of the hardest steps in downsizing your material possessions is often just figuring out where in the world you are going to take all the items you don’t need anymore. Sure, a few things need to be thrown out if they’re not in good condition. Perhaps you decide you want to host a garage sale or two. Maybe you end up taking some items to Goodwill, but let’s be real here. A lot of the items you want to get rid of in the home are actually worth a decent amount of money when you add it all up, and knowing this makes it very difficult to let go of your items in the end and puts a roadblock in your minimalist journey.


So what do you have to lose? Try out a site like Ebay. It doesn’t have to be Ebay. Amazon works better for some things. Both sites have very low listing fees and on Ebay I believe your first 50 listings are free.

“What about shipping the items?” you may ask. Well in my specific case, my mom has been selling used books on Amazon for many years, so we’re pretty familiar with the ins and outs of the postal service. However, if you don’t want to be making trips to the post office, I’m pretty sure there’s a way to get your sold items picked up from your house and taken off to ship. On Ebay when you sell an item, you have an option to pay to get a discounted label to put on your package and pay for your shipping right at your computer. We don’t personally ship from home, because it’s nice to have the knowledge and support from the workers at the post office, but if you find yourself unable to keep up with going to and from the post office, this is a great alternative.

I haven’t been having a lot of luck with selling secondhand clothes online, but I’m looking into some sites for that such as Poshmark. I don’t like that they take big commissions on sales and make you ship your items in boxes that they send to your door instead of just letting the seller take care of shipping (which is much faster).

I found a great deal on my favorite brand of shoes the other day. Someone was selling some Ecco biom athletic shoes that retail around $90 for only $20 including the shipping. They’d only worn the shoes a few times before deciding they didn’t need them or they didn’t fit correctly. There is a whole world of options to buy items second hand, so if there’s a pricey item you have your eye on consider taking a little extra time to see if anyone is selling it in Like New Condition online. You’ll save money and ultimately over time if more people did this, we could do our part to use our resources more efficiently and lessen the impact on the environment from manufacturing.

Are you trying to lead a more minimalistic lifestyle? What have your experiences been? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Also feel free to visit my Ebay shop to see if anything catches your eye:

Ebay Shop



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